Caregivers Kitchen Partners with Ivy Tech for Caregiver Training

Ivy Tech Community College- the county's largest statewide community college system  recently partnered with Caregivers Kitchen to begin offering Culinary Skills for Caregivers Hybrid Training.

 "Often, caregivers lack even basic cooking skills," says Chef Beth Scholer, Caregivers Kitchen CEO. "Caregivers Kitchen was started to meet a need in our community- training direct care staff in kitchen skills that are requested by home care clients every day. Partnering with Ivy Tech will allow more caregivers around the state opportunities to learn these important skills."

Ivy Tech serves over 160,000 students each year in communities across Indiana. Ivy Tech's  Schools of Nursing and Health Sciences are among the top in the state. 

Caregiver Specialists

Caregivers enrolled in "Meal Planning for Healthcare" through Ivy Tech's Healthcare Specialist program will learn the basics of food safety, nutrition, meal planning and cooking techniques.

They also learn how nutrition and mealtime can be used to manage chronic conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer's or dementia.  The hybrid program combines online learning with hands-on cooking practice.

Workforce Training

"We realized there was a need for extra training for our home health aide students," says Charlene Mantock, Healthcare Specialist assistant program chair. "This additional class will offer certificates to our students in meal preparation."

Caregivers can earn up to six professional certificates and 36 CE hours for completing the course.

Learn more about the Certificate Program

Contact Information

Contact your local Ivy Tech Healthcare Specialist Program or Caregivers Kitchen for more information.

Ivy Tech Community College Campus Locations

Beginning in 2018, Caregivers Kitchen's courses will be offered at the Ft. Wayne, Bloomington, Sellersburg, Valparaiso and Lake County Campuses.

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