Online Learning with Hands-on Practice for Confident Cooks.

Hybrid training - a blend of online lessons with hands-on cooking classes give caregivers an opportunity to improve their skills in a safe and inclusive environment. In a profession where staff work independently, cooking classes are a time to meet other staff and build relationships. Cooking activities promote teamwork and improve kitchen skills. Staff are rewarded by sharing a delicious meal together. 

Your company's staff trainer leads the cooking classes after completing Instructor Training


Caregivers Will Learn:

  • Best practices for keeping food safe and protecting elders from foodborne illness.

  • Practical tips for planning healthy meals and purchasing groceries on budget.

  • Enhancing food's flavor with herbs, spices and other seasonings while reducing sodium content.

  • Hands-on preparation of many foods; breakfast, side dishes, meat, poultry and casseroles with a focus on "comfort foods".

  • Meal planning and preparation for chronic conditions like Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, food allergies and celiac disease, cardiovascular conditions and COPD.

  • And more...


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Class Curriculum

Classes follow a curriculum tailored specifically for home care clients using current evidence based research and peer-reviewed by experts in the fields of nutrition science, food safety, culinary arts and adult education. Final tests ensure that learning objectives have been met.

Basic Cooking Skills Hybrid


In this introductory class, caregivers learn fundamental knowledge of personal hygiene, food safety and sanitation, nutrition, meal planning and grocery shopping  through online learning.  Instructors facilitate discussions, demonstrations and hands-on practice of basic cooking techniques.  Caregivers prepare beverages, breakfast foods, fruits, vegetables, grains and other side dishes, casseroles, meat and protein foods. Classes practice seasoning, plating and serving and share meals as a group.



Diabetes Care Hybrid


A Certificate in Nutrition and Culinary Management of Diabetes recognizes a caregivers competency in caring for a diabetic client's nutritional needs. Caregivers become proficient in recognizing carbohydrate sources in the diet, identifying Carb Choices from food labels and planning diabetic meals. They prepare a diabetic friendly meal with the class .




Food Allergies & Celiac Disease Hybrid


Culinary Management of Food Allergies recognizes a caregivers proficiency in preparing meals for those with general food allergies and celiac disease.  Classes discuss food labeling and identify hidden sources of food allergens. Caregivers prepare a gluten-free meal to practice protecting clients from allergic reactions. 




Alzheimer's & Dementia Hybrid


This class focuses on four major considerations when preparing meals for individuals with Alzheimer's disease and related dementia.  Caregivers learn to provide safe and nutritionally adequate meals while making provisions for the client to eat independently.  In class, a meal is prepared with special emphasis on creating foods that appeal in flavor, aroma and appearance. Upon sucessful completion, caregivers earn a Certificate in Nutrition and Mealtime Management of Alzheimer's.



Cardiovascular Health Hybrid


In this class, caregivers learn how food choices can impact blood pressure and heart disease.  Key nutrients are identified as well as sample meal plans that can be used to manage cardiovascular health in clients.  A heart healthy meal is prepared with special emphasis on reducing sodium content while boosting flavor.



COPD Hybrid


Caregivers learn how choosing the right foods can help their client's breathe better.  Nutritional guidelines for COPD are discussed along with other mealtime provisions caregivers can make for their clients.  The class prepares foods to help individuals with pulmonary disease meet their calories and nutrient requirements. They earn a Certificate of Nutrition and Mealtime Management of COPD




Download a free PDF Preview of Culinary Skills for Caregivers: Basic Cooking

About this book

This practical and informative guide has been completely updated to reflect the latest changes in nutritional science and food safety policy.  It is the companion to Online Learning and Hybrid Training courses offered by Caregivers Kitchen including over 60 recipes.

Digital textbook

Staff enrolled in Basic Cooking Skills or Cooking for Chronic Conditions will receive complementary access to the digital textbooks.

  • Easily search for recipes
  • Access helpful cooking tips
  • Review best practices for providing for an elder's nutritional needs.

Caregivers can download one copy for personal use and continue to access after training is complete.

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