Staff Trainer Certification

For a large staff or small, the Certified Instructor Program gives your staff trainer the tools and support to use Caregivers Kitchen Culinary and Nutrition Training programs.

Let our experts train your trainer.  Our practical and client focused approach will provide your organization's trainer the tools and support to teach this high impact program at an economical price. Certified Instructors have access to learner workbooks, class curriculum and the Certificate Program and receive continuing education in food safety, nutrition and culinary techniques from Caregivers Kitchen.

Staff Training Includes:

Extensive training and Instructor's toolkit

  • Class outlines and presentations
  • Teaching tips
  • Recipes, grocery and supply lists
  • Access to the Certificate Program
  • On-going training and support

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Steps to become a Certified Instructor

Step 1.  Complete and submit the application.

Step 2. Agree to the terms of the Caregivers Kitchen Licensing Agreement and Certified Instructor Standards and Practices.

Step 3. Complete Certified Instructor Training and Pass Certificate Exams