Our Team

Chef Beth Scholer, CC, CDM, CFPP
Founder & Certified Instructor

Caregivers Kitchen is designed to better equip direct care staff with the skills to provide for their client’s nutritional needs. My knowledge of the food industry, education in nutrition science and experience in the kitchen had given me a unique perspective for the development of this distinctive program.

I always enjoy hearing caregivers tell me about positive changes that they have made for their clients and own families after taking our classes
— Chef Beth

Chef Beth has degrees in Food Science and Culinary Arts and professional certifications from the America Culinary Federation, Association of Nutrition & Foodservice Professionals and ServSafe.  She had studied French cooking in Paris, managed a research kitchen and loves to cook anything she grows in her garden.  She is passionate about teaching and her enthusiasm is evident in all of her classes.

Sharon Woods, RN, MSN
Certified Instructor

Sharon is a Registered Nurse, holds a Masters of Science and was previously a Certified Nutrition Support Nurse. She has spent her career in a variety of health specialties, most recently in home infusion therapy.  Sharon has experience teaching wellness classes and holds a ServSafe Certification for food safety. When she is not teaching, you can find Sharon taking nature walks, gardening and making doll clothes for her grandchildren.  Recently she became interested in artisan bread making after a trip to Ireland.

I spent the larger part of my career focusing on nutrition support. I came to appreciate the body’s needs to function especially in critical disease states. I’ve seen first hand how healthful eating can heal and improve quality of life for so many.

Helping others to enjoy cooking and learn about the positive effects nutrition can have for themselves and those they care for is fun and important to me
— Sharon

Emilie Wolf, BA, MS
Certified Instructor

Emilie has a passion for educating others, previously a Family and Consumer Science and Spanish teacher and now with our caregivers.  She has extensive experience in the kitchen and holds a ServSafe Certification in food safety. She shares her love for food preparation with others by volunteering her time as a 4-H Food Projects judge and at her church.  When she is not in the kitchen, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Mark and 3 children.

The strengths I bring to Caregivers Kitchen centers around my experience as a teacher. I love to figure out how each person best learns. Encouraging caregivers to strengthen their cooking skills and knowledge of nutrition is very rewarding to me.
— Emilie