Nutrition Training for Direct Care Staff

Investing in your staff will benefit your clients, your company and your caregivers.

Your Clients will enjoy exceptional care and increased satisfaction.

Your Company will have peace of mind knowing that staff is skilled to provide safe and nutritious meals to your clients.

Caregivers feel more qualified to perform their job and valued by their employers leading to loyalty and increased retention.

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Cooking Class Topics

Basic Cooking Skills

Build a strong foundation with Basic Cooking Skills. Caregivers learn fundamental kitchen skills and knowledge. Online lessons use how-to video, interactions and knowledge checks to engage learners.

Topics include:

  • Keeping kitchens safe and clean                                      
  • Protecting clients from foodborne illness
  • Nutrition's role in health and well-being
  • Planning meals and grocery shopping
  • Seasoning food while reducing salt
  • Setting the table and food presentation
  • Brewing coffee and tea
  • Cooking vegetables, fruit, grains and protein foods.

 Chronic Conditions

Accommodate elders' special dietary needs with Cooking for Chronic Conditions.  Caregivers learn about special nutritional considerations, planning meals and cooking and serving food to meet daily calorie needs.

Topics include:

  • Managing common food allergies in elders
  • Food preparation considerations for Celiac disease
  • Diabetic meal planning and Carb Choices
  • Providing safe and nutritionally adequate meals for those with Alzheimer's and dementia.
  • Foods' impact on high blood pressure and heart failure
  • Creating heart healthy meals
  • Nutritional guidelines and mealtime provisions for COPD

Choose Online Learning or online learning and hands-on cooking with Hybrid Training.

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