Online Learning

Offer Caregivers Skilled in Cooking and Knowledgeable in Food Safety and Nutrition for Chronic Conditions.

Create a niche market by promoting staff's skills in creating healthful and great tasting meals. Elder's will enjoy unmatched satisfaction and a higher level of care.

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Training for Life Skills

Mealtime is often the highlight of an elder's day.  Give staff the power to make it meaningful. Online learning offers consistent, high-quality training  for skills they use everyday. Reasonable pricing and flexible plans make it affordable for any size staff.

Empower Staff

Offer professional development opportunities to engage and motivate caregivers.  Staff are empowered to provide the best care for clients and skills are transferable to caring for their own families.

Convenient, Customizable System

Staff can access courses online and on-demand with a computer, tablet or smart phone. Choose from a library of courses to create a custom plan. Office staff can easily track employee progress and view certificates and CE's.

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Simple and Affordable Pricing

Accommodate Training for a Staff of 10 or 1000

 Choose custom course packages or simple subscription plans to make the most of every training dollar. Contact a sales representative today for a cost effective training solution.

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